Cabaret Rehearsal Schedule


1. Senior Contemporary Open Ballet
2. Preschool Tinies Jazz
3. Junior Contemporary Intermediate Hip Hop
4. Senior Jazz (Thurs) Grade 2 Ballet
5. Pre-Primary Ballet  (Thurs) Junior Cheerleading
6. Grade 4 Tap Under 13 Troupe
7. Under 10 Troupe Intermediate Ballet
8. Pre-Primary Tap Advanced 1 Ballet
9. Intermediate Ballet Primary Tap
10. Junior Acrodancer Intermediate Contemporary
11. Saturday Ballet Saturday Jazz
12. Senior Acrodancer Primary Ballet
13. Pre-Primary Ballet (Wed) Grade 4 Ballet
14. Ladies Jazz Junior Hip Hop
15. Advanced 2 Balle Senior Tap
16. Junior Jazz (Tues) Junior Jazz (Thurs)
17. Senior Hip Ho Intermediate Jazz
18. Advanced Jazz


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About Us

Founded in 1984 by Donna Mellis-Morrison, Bacchus Marsh Dance Studio is one of the oldest performing arts schools still running in the town today. Our key aims are to assist all individuals in developing confidence, harnessing creativity, enhancing fitness and creating friendships that will last a lifetime.

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